Thursday, 24 December 2015

How Much Truth Can You Take?

How much truth can you take?
Can you take it raw? Without frills? Naked?
In its pure form: a form that can hurt you?

Illusion-smashing truth - that’s what I’m talking about.
Reality shown ugly and obscene.

So, again: How much truth can you take? Enough to change your life for the worse?
To smash what you now believe?
What you’re now committed to?
 And what you hold so dear?

Truth ain’t always as religions and philosophers sell it – liberating and divine.
It can stink to high heaven.
And neither is it always a vehicle to paradise.
A ticket to an uninstantiated Utopia.

Does all this sound good, then? Liberating?

Does it give you a frisson?
Will it change your life for the better?
Make you one with Nature, society or whatever?

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