Wednesday, 23 December 2015

To Know, or Not to Know?

To know, or not to know?
That is the question!
It don’t mean a damn thing to know many-a-thing.
Don’t make you feel good. A better person.
Perhaps it’s no bad thing to know no thing.
To know ten new things before each breakfast - is that a good thing?

It’s not how much you know;
It's the things you do know.
And how you came to know them.
What do you do with your knowledge?

What would happen if you woke knowing nothing?
Bad things?
Go on. Fill your head- knowing this, knowing that, and knowing the other.
Do you know what too much knowing can give you?
A big hurt in the 'ead.
You! There! Like a knowledge-junky, you crave for knowledge.
You escape from the Real World.
The world we hear so much about.
The world where only others live.
And you, somehow, evade.

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