Wednesday, 23 December 2015


Either this is the case, or that is the case.
Not neither this nor that.
LEM rules; okay?

The nature of the case is that it's clear, or it's unclear.
Not neither clear nor unclear.
Thus there's no link between x’s being the case,
Or x’s not being the case.
LEM rules; okay?
Truth ain't sullied by untruth.
Truth is pure, precious; when free from falsehood.
That claim is either true, or it is not true. See?
Not neither true nor untrue.
Bivalence rules!
There is no hesitant play in such cases.
There is no third value or option.

The nature of truth - I say again - is pure and precious.
Untruth’s ugliness is as pure as truth’s beauty.
But not in any way as precious.
The truth can only be seen by the naked mind.
Through acts of intuition or insight,
Its light fixes upon reality and the Real.

This man is a good man, or he is a bad man.
Not neither good nor bad.
Moral bivalence rules!
His mind is spoiled, or it's not spoiled.
Not neither spoiled nor unspoiled.
There is no Aristotelian mean
Between such binary opposites.
These oppositions are defined
By their want of gradation.

Now; doesn’t bivalence rule!

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